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‘PLAYFUL’ is a group exhibition featuring leading Australian and international artists with works in soft sculpture, ceramics, textiles, toy design, animation and illustration that celebrates playfulness, imagination and creativity. The exhibition was curated for the Melbourne Library Service, City of Melbourne, to celebrate National Youth Week 2016.

To accompany the exhibition, I also curated a series of four artist-led workshops (with Luke Temby, Holly Leonardson, Beci Orpin and Kenny Pittock), designed and produced a series of limited-edition colouring books/exhibition catalogues printed by Helio Press, and also presented the exclusive PLAYFUL gashapon machines (vending machines) with artist Rosaleen Ryan.

You can read the catalogue essay here.

Participating artists:

  • Evie Barrow
  • Cat-Rabbit
  • Christina Gordon
  • Tessy King
  • Isobel Knowles
  • Yiying Lee
  • Holly Leonardson
  • Beci Orpin
  • Kenny Pittock
  • Ashley Ronning
  • Rosaleen Ryan
  • Luke Temby (CUPCO)
  • Erica Fustero (Spain)
  • Anna Hrachovec (USA)
  • Misako Mimoko (Spain)
  • Hine Mizushima (Canada)
  • Philippa Rice (UK)
  • Soreureubear (Korea)





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