Through My Eyes

The last fifteen years has seen an unprecedented surge and interest in contemporary Chinese art across the Western art world. This growth has been guided by the rapid socio-economic developments of post-Cultural Revolution China, as well as the global turn in contemporary art, making the art world both bigger and smaller at the same time. Even today, Chinese contemporary art continues to be framed and interpreted through a socio-political lens as a form of protest or resistance, as encapsulated by the fame of dissident artist Ai Weiwei.

‘Through My Eyes’ is an exhibition that considers the works of three young Chinese artists against this socio-political trend by instead turning to a more introspective and personal perspective. The artists in the exhibition use photography and video to explore highly personal narratives, such as love, family, and relationships. Some works are bold, some are quiet, but together they offer a diverse and nuanced examination of the boundaries of public and private, and also themes of everyday relations and individual life. Although we can see glimpses of both old and new China in these works – their interpretation is not defined by this cultural context or circumstance. Rather, there are more universal themes at play here about the nature of intimacy, and more importantly what it means to live and co-exist alongside others.

Exhibition details TBC. Watch this space. 


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