Floor Plan

13. Blindside - 'Reinventing the Medium' - white and grey pieces, M Thornton-Smith

Image courtesy Madeleine Thornton-Smith

19 September – 14 October 2018, c3 contemporary art space, The Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067. Exhibition opening Wednesday 19 September 6pm. 

Artists: Anna Gleeson, Tessy King, Holly Macdonald, Noriko Nakamura and Madeleine Thornton-Smith.

Curator: Sophia Cai

Floor Plan is a group exhibition of object-based works that interrogates the relationship between studio practice and exhibition output. The exhibition brings together five artists who work primarily with hand-shaped sculptural or ceramic practice with a particular interest in the vessel and modes of display. All artists also share an interest in form, function, and materiality, although expressed in diverse ways.

Rather than a static display of objects, Floor Plan will see the curator work closely with the artists over the duration of the exhibition period to change the physical arrangement and display. Another key aspect of this show is that the majority of the artworks are floor-based, making this interactive and evolving mode of display more attainable and immediately felt.