Secret Garden


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‘Secret Garden’ is a group exhibition based on a study and appreciation of plants. This show was initiated, developed and curated by myself and Caitlin Shearer, an artist based in Sydney, and brings together 22 emerging Australian artists, illustrators, and designers. ‘Secret Garden’ examines the power of plants and all things botanical as a source of artistic inspiration, as represented through a broad range of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, soft sculpture, glass, printmaking, zines and textiles.

Although plants are the unifying theme, the works in the exhibition explore different aspects of the personal relationship between humans and plants – whether that is one based on beauty, commemoration, memory, awe or companionship. Each artist’s personal experience and interpretation of plants fuels the distinctive imagery for their works. The focus on plants brings up connotations of intimacy, vulnerability, resilience, and growth. In a world of noise and clamour, the silence of plants offers a powerful remedy of respite and calm.

As the co-curator for the exhibition, I worked closely with Caitlin Shearer on all aspects of exhibition planning, including artist and artwork selection, gallery liaison and communication, all press and marketing, and exhibition installation and design.

For the opening night Melbourne-based floral studio The Handsome Bloom contributed a large-scale floral centrepiece, and Georgia Blackie assisted with additional floral styling in order to create a truly immersive gallery viewing experience. An accompanying poster/catalogue was also designed by exhibiting artist Sarah McNeil of Caldera Press, and available for purchase throughout the duration of the show.

The exhibition was hosted at Long Division Gallery, Schoolhouse Studios in October 2015, and will toured to Boyd Community Hub (City of Melbourne) in November 2015.

Read my curatorial statement here.

Participating artists

  • Elizabeth Barnett
  • Aaron Billings
  • Georgia Blackie
  • Eloise Maree Crossman
  • Amanda Dziedzic
  • Ebony Eden
  • Sandra Eterovic
  • Luci Everett
  • Aimee Fitzgerald
  • Victoria Garcia
  • Tessy King
  • Sarah McNeil
  • Adriana Picker
  • Cat Rabbit
  • Edith Rewa
  • Jessilla Rogers
  • Ashley Ronning
  • Rosaleen Ryan
  • Caitlin Shearer
  • Julia Trybala
  • Maddy Young
  • Emma Weisenekker



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